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Fight Back Swiftly If Title Fraud Threatens Your Property

Have you received unexpected foreclosure notices or run into trouble when trying to sell or refinance your house or commercial property? You may have been the target of title fraud if someone has fraudulently obtained the title to your property.

The fraudulent title “holder” may have compromised the value of your home by using its equity to take out loans. Discovering that this has happened to you is truly frightening and may put your life’s savings at risk.

At Greenacre Law, we have helped homeowners and other property owners fight back after they discovered title fraud was affecting their homes and businesses.

How We Can Help You Protect Your Home Ownership

The district attorney in your area as well as our Southern California real estate lawyers are well aware of the scams arising from title fraud. Property owners have lost millions of dollars in similar schemes. A scam artist may have robbed you of your rightful ownership by forging your signature and using a stolen notary seal.

Perhaps title fraud has not affected you yet, but you are wary of it after reading articles about similar cases. Our real estate lawyers are knowledgeable and effective advocates for our clients and potential clients. We can help you:

  • Set up monitoring mechanisms by which you would be notified if someone tried to steal access to your title or use it to obtain loans that you did not authorize.
  • Guard against title fraud when a close family member has died or gone to a long-term care facility, their home may be vacant and legal processes such as conservatorship or probate are in process.


Depending on the facts of your case and how far along the title fraud scheme is, we may be able to stop the fraudsters before you suffer serious financial harm. If damage has already been done, we may be able to help you discover the source of the fraud and file a quiet title action and/or other necessary lawsuits to recompense your losses and restore your rightful property ownership.

Consult With A Real Estate Attorney About Your Title Fraud Challenge Without Delay

As soon as you suspect something is off-kilter with regard to your title, equity or homeownership rights, please give us a call and let us look into it.

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