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Pursue A Quiet Title Action

As you prepare to buy, sell or refinance a piece of real property, you may discover that adverse claims to the title stand in the way. Determining the best way to resolve this dilemma is a job for an experienced real estate attorney.

Our Southern California real estate law firm exists to provide property owners, landlords, tenants, purchasers and sellers the services that their properties require. At Greenacre Law, we are ready to help you settle title problems in the most efficient way.

You may need to bring a quiet title action before a court to proceed with the transaction you are preparing for. A quiet title action may be the only way to clear the title of a home or commercial property of interest.

How We Can Help You Through A Quiet Title Action

Our attorneys can represent you in a quiet title action brought in the superior court of the county where the property is. The court will have the power to settle controversies that cloud the title. Contact us for counsel and assistance through the following steps of your quiet title action:

  • Gather the necessary information, such as a legal description of the property
  • Outline background details of issues such as adverse possession that resulted in a clouded title
  • Prepare narratives or documentation of adverse claims to the title along with names of defendants
  • Make a petition through clear and convincing proof for the desired outcome: clearance of the title, free from adverse claims.


Your quiet title action may include additional plaintiffs, depending on your unique circumstances.

Resolve Title Problems Now

Settle a boundary or easement dispute to establish rightful ownership of every part of the property that you may sell or purchase. Prevent roadblocks or, worse, litigation down the road when a property in question has title defects.

Our attorneys will explain the legal processes succinctly, represent you vigorously and help you get the problem solved efficiently. Reach out to us by email or by phone at 855-525-3488 for information and guidance to suit your needs.

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