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Addressing Trust Litigation Disputes In Connection With Probate

While an undisputed probate or trust administration process can be straightforward, that is often not the full story. The probate courts have exclusive or concurrent jurisdiction over a variety of legal controversies and litigation issues, including

  • Disputes about who is the proper administrator or personal representative of the estate and whether that person is mismanaging their responsibilities
  • Disputes about whether real estate belongs to the estate or a trust associated with it, possibly necessitating a Probate Code §850 petition, such as a Heggstad petition
  • Disputes about the validity of a will or trust due to elder abuse, undue influence, fraud or other grounds for invalidating these documents
  • Conservatorship proceedings
  • Lawsuits by and against the decedent, the estate or trust


Turn to Greenacre Law, for counsel and representation regarding a probate or trust dispute. Contact a probate attorney who is also a skilled litigator to get your case off the ground. Our lawyers are tech savvy, real estate-focused and enthusiastic about solving problems efficiently.

Representative Estate Matters Handled By Our Trust Litigation Attorneys

We follow the real estate wherever it goes, including to court. Examples of complex probate litigation handled by our team at Greenacre Law, have included:

  • Twenty-million dollar ($20,000,000) litigation against a “trophy wife” who tried to appropriate all of the inheritance of the decedent’s two children
  • Ten-million dollar ($10,000,000) litigation between siblings over a parent’s estate, which included multiple multimillion-dollar commercial properties throughout Los Angeles County
  • Multiple complex cases involving “probate-within-probate” circumstances whereby the administrator or heir of the decedent’s estate also died
  • Multiple family disputes involving one or two siblings who lived with the decedent and either tricked the decedent into signing over the family home or forged documents to that effect


Each case is unique and requires careful analysis. Our team is always up to the challenge. We often take cases about which other attorneys said, “This is not our area.” Any real estate matter is within the purview of our law firm. We are eager to learn about your conflict and explain how we can help.

Get Started Resolving Your Probate Or Trust Dispute In San Diego, Los Angeles, And Ontario

You may be an executor or trustee accused of a breach of fiduciary duty. Or you may be a named beneficiary of the estate, puzzled by a title defect involving real estate that you should inherit. Whatever challenge you face, we are here for you. Contact our probate law attorneys to learn how we can protect your rights and the integrity of the estate that is of interest to you.

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