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Prevail In Litigation Over An Easement Dispute

You may be looking for a Southern California real estate attorney to help you interpret, obtain or deny easements on your property. An easement is the nonexclusive right of someone or a legal entity to use land belonging to someone else. Typically, changes in property ownership, usage or desired usage bring up questions and may lead to easement litigation.

At Greenacre Law, our tech savvy real estate attorneys will gather information to back up your position regarding an easement or alleged easement. We may search historical records, evaluate property deeds and otherwise validate or invalidate the easement that you or another person has enjoyed or wishes to implement.

Our Methods Of Representation In Easement Disputes

Depending on your role in an easement controversy, you may want to keep using a strip of land to transport your boat on and off of a landlocked property that you own or you may seek to deny such a right to someone else. Perhaps you are planning to enlarge your home but your next-door neighbor claims that the expansion will block them from using an alley to carry trash across as they have done for years. Or you may want customers of an adjacent business to stop using your driveway for access to that business.

All these hypothetical examples are based on real stories that bring up questions about easements and property rights. As your real estate attorneys, we will consider it our job to:

  • Discover the truth about the origins of or justification for an existing or potential easement
  • Educate you or another property owner about the viability or limitations of an easement
  • Pursue an injunction or negotiate the revision of a document
  • Seek or defend against an award of compensation from an encroacher


When we investigate the facts behind an easement controversy, we sometimes discover that a previous owner of our client’s property established an easement. Alternatively, we sometimes find that there is no basis for someone’s claim to an easement.

Each case is unique and our goal is always to support our clients’ rights and interests. We may accomplish this through negotiations, mediation, arbitration or litigation through a county or state court. Our trial attorneys are ready to take cases to higher courts if necessary and appeal unsatisfactory outcomes.

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