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Manage Failure to Disclose Disputes With Confidence

Are you a buyer who discovered property defects after you made the purchase? Or are you a seller facing a failure to disclose claim? Commercial property defect issues can be time-consuming and complicated no matter what side of the issue you’re on. Working with an experienced Southern California real estate attorney can help you navigate these challenges with tact and confidence.

We provide full-service real estate property defects representation at Greenacre Law. Our attorneys can help you achieve your objectives as you navigate failure to disclose disputes surrounding your residential or commercial property.

Failure To Disclose Disputes You May Face

You may face one of the following situations:

  • You purchased a home and find that the seller and seller’s agent concealed defects: These can be defects in the foundation, roof or ceiling, wiring, HVAC or virtually any component of the home. We can help determine if the seller and/or seller’s agent can be sued for negligence, fraud or misrepresentation.
  • You sold a home and the buyer claims you failed to disclose defects: If a legal claim is brought against you for failure to disclose a defect, we can advocate for you under California state law. We have in-depth knowledge of home inspections, inspection reports and seller liability.
  • You find property defects after making a purchase: You purchased a business property and the seller had to inform you of known property defects. However, you only discovered the defects after the closing. California has specific guidelines about what commercial sellers must disclose to buyers before the purchase. If they find that sellers violated these guidelines, buyers may be entitled to damages.
  • The buyer claims you failed to disclose property defects (sellers): You may have done everything possible to address commercial property defects. However, buyers may try to hold you accountable for property defects you were unaware of. California has stringent rules regarding what sellers must disclose about their properties – and those rules can often be subject to change. Our firm can help you navigate complicated California real estate policies and review whether the claims made against you violate those policies.


In these situations, our energetic, tech-savvy Southern California real estate attorneys can help you get answers and seek a desirable outcome in your case.

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