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Foreclosure Defense May Take Many Forms

If your residential or commercial property is at risk of foreclosure, do not assume that the situation is hopeless or there is only one way to fix the problem. You may have heard from friends that you should file for Chapter 13 or Chapter 11 bankruptcy. Or you may have heard rumors about deficiencies of the foreclosing lender or the property deed. It is important to confirm what is true and respond accordingly.

Is the lender justified in possibly foreclosing on your home or business property? How can you stop it? What alternatives do you have?

At Greenacre Law, we are well familiar with the desperation that many homeowners and commercial property owners feel as they see the signs of a pending foreclosure. We pursue our vocation by sharing our extensive knowledge with potential and existing clients as we help them devise strategies of defense. In your case, this may mean finding a way to keep your property or negotiating an acceptable conclusion to the foreclosure threat.

Remedies And Solutions

As dedicated real estate lawyers, we often help clients fight or negotiate terms of foreclosures through the following methods:

  • Researching the sale-purchase transaction of property now at risk of foreclosure to determine whether evidence of fraud or faulty documentation may offer a pathway of relief
  • Representing clients who are planning to file for Chapter 13 or Chapter 11 bankruptcy in an attempt to stop foreclosure
  • Negotiating with lenders to get better terms for our clients whose foreclosures are likely to proceed


The list above is not intended to be comprehensive. It is merely indicative of some of the ways in which we have navigated our clients through the perils of foreclosure actions.

Fight Back As Foreclosure Threatens Your Home Or Business Property

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