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It’s always greener
on our side of the fence

It’s always greener on our side of the fence

Real Estate &
Business Litigation

To Sue or Be Sued – an unpleasant question, but Greenacre Law is here to help you make that decision and provide the tools and expertise necessary to resolve the matter as efficiently and effectively as possible.

Contract Drafting
& Entity Formations​

Whether you’re starting your dream business or need more robust Contracts, Partnership Agreements, or corporate protections for your growing business – we have some of the shortest turnaround times in the business! Select an off-the-shelf solution to be tailored to your needs, or a custom bespoke set of documents for your business.

Estate Planning,
Probate, & Trust Litigation​

Preserve your business and assets for the next generation by making an Estate Plan. Greenacre knows that a Probate or Trust dispute can bring out the worst in families and we’re prepared to fight for your rights and inheritance.
Expert Real Estate Attorneys​
Greenacre Law is a full-service Los Angeles Real Estate law firm. Our associates bring decades of combined real estate and litigation experience to your legal matter. Unlike other law firms, the attorneys of Greenacre Law pride themselves on being expert Real Estate Attorneys and not general practitioners. Having developed our specific expertise, we are able to advocate quickly and effectively for our clients’ property rights, whether those rights are being threatened in Civil Litigation, Bankruptcy, or Probate proceedings.

Upon meeting us for a free consultation, Greenacre will compile a quick and concise understanding of your matter, summary of strategies available, and an extensive cost/benefit analysis to help you make the right decision for your unique situation. We handle our clients’ legal issues on a case-by-case basis complete with custom approaches suited to that clients’ goals. Due to our singular focus on Real Estate legal issues our clients have enjoyed and come to expect our first-rate service, excellent results, and blunt no-nonsense honesty
We Follow the Real Estate!

In the halls of Greenacre Law, it’s become common to hear us say that “we follow Real Estate wherever it goes” – whether it is into litigation, probate, bankruptcy, or any of a number of transactions. We fight for, and protect, your most valuable assets – your real estate.

That means that we must be ready to assist you in your Civil Litigation, Probate, Bankruptcy, or Transactional Matter with the expertise to match!


Mortgage / Foreclosure

Business Entities

Context / Civil Litigation

Free Case Analysis For Certain Case Types

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