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Greenacre Law’s status as a leading Real Estate Law Firm means that we follow real estate wherever it goes – including into Probate Court.

When a family member or friend passes, the heartbreak and stress can be compounded by the enormous bureaucratic mess left behind. A Probate Attorney can help navigate the process and protect the rights of you and other heirs from opportunistic bad actors.

What is a Probate?

“Probate” literally means “To Prove.” It is a process where the Court handles the business of distributing a deceased person’s assets under the law. This includes:
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While an undisputed probate can be a straightforward, the Probate Courts have exclusive or concurrent jurisdiction over a variety of other litigation matters, which include:
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Greenacre Law’s Probate Attorneys have experience in the most complex Probate matters. A few representative examples include:
Each case is different, so have our Probate Attorneys examine your unique facts so that you know what your rights are!
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