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Greenacre Law represents co-owners of real property that cannot agree on whether or not to sell their real estate. Today, almost 60% of real estate is owned by more than one unmarried person! This means that the number of partition suits has skyrocketed in recent centuries as the number of ways people own and split property has multiplied.



What is a Partition of Real Estate?

Partition is an ancient right originating in Feudal Europe and one of the Fundamental Property Rights. Generally, every individual, business, or trust that co-owns real property with others has the right to force a sale of real property. Tenants-in-Common, Joint Tenants, many partnerships, and even Limited Liability Companies have this right, though it may be modified by contract or other agreement.


At Greenacre Law, we’ve handled it all. Partition Actions are one of the few case types that can earn an award of attorneys’ fees. Our skilled real estate attorneys can guide you through the process of forcing a buy-out, a sale, or other liquidation of property.
In addition, a variety of off-sets may be owed from the other side’s share of the property.

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Common offsets include:

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