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Greenacre Law is a full-service estate planning firm that helps individuals with wills, trusts, guardianships, and issues related to

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A Real Estate Law Firm

At Greenacre Law, we help you create a legacy that will last through generations by ensuring your family’s well-being in the event something happens to you.

We have the experience to help you with all aspects of your estate plan. From wills and trusts for individuals or businesses alike; guardianships if someone is unable because they are guardian- incapacitated (sick) –we can provide practical solutions that will keep everyone’s interests safe!

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What is a Probate?

“Probate” means “To Prove.” It is a process where the Court handles the business of distributing a deceased person’s assets under the law. 

This includes:

  • Verifying a Will, or other testamentary document
  • Verifying if there is no Will
  • Verifying the proper heirs and inheritors of an Estate
  • Identifying debts and creditors of the Estate and making sure they are paid
  • Overseeing the sale of Estate assets including Real Estate
  • Appointing Administrators, Special Administrators, Personal Representatives, or other roles necessary for carrying out all these steps.

Our Attorneys

Josué Cristóbal Guerrero

Esq., Partner

Cynthia Velasco

Esq., Partner

Peter Roble

Esq., Partner

Edna Fok

Esq., Partner

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Elina K.

“If I could give them 50 stars instead of only 5 stars, I will do that. They have a very professional and efficient attorney team from the consultant to the assistant and attorney, everyone is very nice and professional. They helped me resolve a big problem only three days. I am really appreciate this team did everything for me, and I highly recommend them, if you have any troubles in real estate, this team is the best attorney can help you definitely!
Here I am really really appreciate attorney Peter, Cynthia and Cesar, they are really very professional and high efficient!”

Vanessa F

“I’ve been very happy with this firm and its staff. My relationship with them is solid and trusting. Will continue to use them on all matters regarding my real and personal property.”

Akop K.
“I needed attorney to help my real estate transaction, had issues with buyers, spoke with attorney Josue and with very reasonable rate they defended my rights and helped me with my transaction. Response and service is the best. Folks, highly recommend them for your real estate transactions or any real estate deals.. super happy with their service. Will always use their services.”

Josué Cristóbal Guerrero, Esq., Partner

Josué Cristóbal Guerrero is a Founding Partner of Greenacre Law, LLP, with a practice divided between real estate litigation and transactional support. Josué spearheaded Greenacre to provide his expertise in Real Estate Transactions but has also showed his clients a superior ability in litigating their cases while managing the Ontario Office Branch.

Litigation practice includes real property disputes centered on quiet title actions, purchase agreements, suretyship and security agreements, HOA covenants, title, boundaries, state and local regulatory frameworks, bankruptcy, and probate.

Transactional counsel roles include entity formation and structuring, commercial leasing, asset purchases, and estate planning issues related thereto.

Education: Josué earned his Juris Doctor from Loyola Law School of Los Angeles in 2011, where he graduated with honors as a member of the St. Thomas More Law Honor Society. Other academic distinctions include First Honors in Secured Transactions in Real Property, Constructional Law, and Ethical Lawyering.

Practice Areas:
Commercial and Real Estate Litigation
Business and Real Estate Transactions
Estate Planning and Probate Litigation
Business Formations

Cynthia Velasco, Esq., Partner

Cynthia Velasco is a Founding Partner of Greenacre Law, LLP. While in law school Cynthia maintained a busy schedule.

It is through these experiences that Cynthia realized how much she enjoys working with clients and how much she enjoys working hard to find a solution to their problems. Cynthia speaks natively fluent Spanish and has extensively studied the literature and history of the Hispanic nations. Her hobbies include hiking, running, and completing puzzles.
Prior to law school, Cynthia earned her bachelor’s degree in Spanish and Ethnic Studies from the University of California at Berkeley. She later earned her Juris Doctorate from Trinity Law School where she was Editor-in-Chief of Law Review responsible for directing research and organizing large and technically complex works of legal scholarship.
Practice Areas:
Real Estate Litigation
Estate Planning
Family Law

Peter Roble, Esq

Peter is the Attorney in charge of the Landlord-Tenant Practice Group at Greenacre Law, LLP. Peter enjoys the struggle and hard work that is often required to find meaningful solutions for our clients. Oftentimes our clients must deal with the traumatic experience of losing their home and face the daunting challenge of defending an eviction action. Peter finds it incredibly rewarding to help these individuals through such trying times and provide a legal means to achieve their goals.

In his spare time, Peter enjoys playing music (guitar & piano), cooking, stamp collecting, fly fishing, and staying fit.
Peter earned his bachelor’s degree from the University of California at Irvine in Humanities with a Biological Sciences minor. Peter later received his Juris Doctorate from Whittier Law School where he was active in the Whittier Law School Children’s Rights Clinic helping children involved in abuse and neglect, termination of parental rights, special education, dissolutions of marriage, delinquency, mental health commitments, paternity, adoption, and other family matters.

Edna Fok, Esq.

Edna Fok is a Junior Associate Attorney at Greenacre Law, with a practice split between real estate litigation and probate. Prior to attending law school, she was educated internationally in Canada, Hong Kong, and the United Kingdom. While in Hong Kong, she gained legal experience by working directly under a solicitor and a prominent human rights barrister with a long-standing and experienced legal career in civil litigation, real property law, probate, family law, criminal law, and human rights litigation. Edna is also bilingual in Cantonese and English.
Edna earned her Juris Doctorate from Whittier Law School in 2017, where she graduated with honors and was awarded the CALI Award in recognition of Pretrial Litigation Skills. Her academic distinctions are recognized internationally through her undergraduate studies from the University of Northumbria in New Castle, United Kingdom where she graduated with a bachelor’s degree in International Business Management with honors.